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Attorney's Office
  Attorney's Office
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Attorney's Office

The Town Attorney is the Chief Legal Officer for the Town of Amherst. The Town Attorney and the Deputy Town Attorneys represent all Town of Amherst boards, committees, departments, officers (elected and appointed) and employees with regard to Town of Amherst legal matters.

The attorneys in the office also act as Town Prosecutors as authorized by the Erie County District Attorney for the prosecution of New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law and Penal Law violations as well as the violations of the Code Of The Town of Amherst.

Please note the Town Attorney's Office is ethically prohibited from providing legal representation or advice to anyone, other than noted above, involving Town of Amherst legal issues.

If you have a legal question involving the Town of Amherst you need to seek advice from your own attorney.

If you received a Summons or Traffic Ticket regarding an appearance in Amherst Town Court, you should contact the Town Court directly, not this office.

Plea offers cannot be made over the telephone as files are not maintained by the Town Attorney's Office.

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