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Families face this dilemma every year. Do we stay within budget, or do we stay warm? Heating bills are hundreds of dollars higher during the coldest months, and you add 5% to a natural gas bill for every extra degree you raise the thermostat. So before the weather dips into the single digits, here’s a few tips to stay warm without raising the heat. Heat yourself - Enjoy a hot cup of cocoa (or coffee or tea). Soups (or chili or stews) are great ideas for lunches or dinners. Warm foods and beverages warms your core temperature. Insulate yourself - Dress in multiple layers to keep your core temperature warm. If you’re getting a little chilly, grab a sweater. Have a throw blanket handy at your favorite easy chair. Also don’t forget your feet! Wear socks and slippers. Insulate your home - Close the curtains at night (thermal curtains will save even more heat). Purchase a plastic film window insulation kit. Use draft stoppers to cover the gap at the bottom of exterior doors. Insulate your sleeping area - Change to flannel sheets. Sleep under a down comforter, Take a page from your grandparents and warm the bed. Heat up a bag of beans (or rice) in the microwave and place it under the covers while you brush your teeth. Also, close the door. It will trap the heat radiating from your body in the room and keep drafts out. These are just a few low cost ways to save on your heating bills. Big ticket items such as adding insulation and replacing windows will definitely save you money in the long run. But, as you can see, there are simple lifestyle changes that can save on your energy usage with no sacrifice in comfort.


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To find out more about the Amherst Town Board (meeting schedule, agendas, minutes, etc.).

The Amherst Town Board is currently comprised of five (5) members. These members include the Amherst Town Supervisor and four (4) Councilmembers. To contact an Amherst Town Board Member, please select from the list below.



Barry A. Weinstein



Deborah Bruch Bucki RN, PhD


Ramona D. Popowich


Steven D. Sanders


Francina J. Spoth

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