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Municipal Building
5583 Main Street
Williamsville, NY 14221

General Information

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Engineering Department

Wastewater Treatment Facility

Contact Information

Engineering Department
  Engineering Department
Engineering Support Division
  Amherst Cooperative Continually Operating Reference Station (CORS)
  Amherst Utility Cooperative
  Phase II Stormwater Regulations
  Sidewalk Information
Environmental Control Division
  Concentration Based Pollutant Limits for Sanitary Sewer Users
  General Information for Businesses
  Grease Management for Food Service Facilities
  Industrial Pretreatment
  Silver Recovery for Medical & Dental Offices and Photo Finishers
  Stormwater Annual Report
  Stormwater Management Plan
  Town of Amherst Local Sewer Use Law
  Wastewater Discharge Permit Application
  Compost Facility
Sewer Maintenance Division
  General Information
  Contact Information & Emergency Phone Numbers
  Flow Monitoring
  Glossary of Terms
  Infiltration and Inflow
  Sanitary vs Storm Sewers
  Sanitary Sewer Cleaning
  Sewage Spills and Backups
  Sewer Inspections
  Sewer Repair Work
Water Pollution Control Division
  Description of Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  Emergency Contact Information
  Facility Tours
  Solids Handling

Environmental Control Division Overview

The Environmental Control Division is a public outreach customer oriented government agency established to protect the quality of Amherst's natural resources, to help the Town's commercial and industrial establishments comply with local, state and federal environmental laws and regulations, and to give sound environmental guidance to internal customers.

Contact Information

Industrial Pretreatment

Regulates the Town's commercial and industrial sanitary sewer users with respect to the Town of Amherst Local Sewer Use Law and 40 CFR 403.

Compost Facility

The Town of Amherst owns and operates a permitted yard waste compost facility.

Environmental Permitting and Reporting

The Environmental Control Division oversees the maintenance of all the environmental permits held by Town facilities.

Environmental Laboratory

The Environmental Control Division maintains a certified water quality laboratory at the Town of Amherst Water Pollution Control Facility.

Solid Waste Planning

The Environmental Control Division plays an active role as a participating stakeholder in the solid waste planning efforts of the Town of Amherst.