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Draft Stormwater Annual Report

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Please find the Draft Town of Amherst Stormwater Management Program Annual Report for the period ending March 9, 2017 by clicking the icon below. Please submit your public comments to Vaishali Reberholt at vreberholt@amherst.ny.us.

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Engineering Department

The Engineering Department's main office is located at 1100 North Forest Road. The Engineering Department employs approximately 125 people, with an average annual budget of $15 million. The first Town Engineer was appointed in 1932.

The Engineering Department was established in 1951. The department's function and mission has grown significantly since its creation. Functions of the engineering department include assisting residents, managing construction projects, treating wastewater, composting yard waste, and maintaining infrastructure. The department consists of four divisions. For more information about each of these divisions, please see the menu to the left.

  • Engineering Support Division
    construction management, utility information, geodetic control system
  • Sewer Maintenance Division
    operate and maintain sanitary sewer infrastructure
  • Environmental Control Division
    environmental and industrial permitting, yard waste composting, testing laboratory
  • Water Pollution Control Division
    waste water treatment, sludge pelletization, lift station maintenance

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