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Municipal Building
5583 Main Street
Williamsville, NY 14221

General Information

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Highway Department

Highway Department

Contact Information

Highway Department
  Highway Department
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  Bike Path Map
  Curb Cuts and Driveway Aprons
  Fall Leaf Collection
  Rodent Control Program
  Mosquito Control Program
  Stormwater Annual Report
Parks Department
Refuse Control
  Refuse Control
  Daily Pickup Routes (Map)
  Solid Waste & Recycling Policies
  Information on Waste Collection
  Electronics Waste Recycling
  Household Hazardous Waste
  Household Sharps Disposal
  Disposal of Prescription Medicines
  Rodent Control Program
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Highway Department Services

Snow and Ice Control

Salting and plowing of all town roads, some county roads, and some University at Buffalo roads.

Storm Water Control

Maintenance and cleaning of all storm sewers and flood control ditches.

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Town Road Maintenance

Sweeping, flushing, patching, resurfacing and reconstruction of roads, also curb and shoulder maintenance.

Fall Leaf Collection

Leaf collection doesn't start until October 15th. Pick-up and disposal of leaves out at the curb.

Traffic Lights and Road Signs

Installation and maintenance of all traffic signals, traffic control road signs, also road and crosswalk striping.

Street Lighting

Oversee maintenance and repair of street lights, gas and electric, in the town.

Mosquito Control

Population control of mosquitoes in the town.

Metal and Tire Recycling

Pickup of metal and tires on your garbage day. If you have any scrap metal that needs to be picked up please contact Modern at 1.800.330.7107 for scheduling. We no longer pick up metal on a daily basis.

Concrete, tire, propane tank or electronics can be dropped off at the Amherst Highway Department, 1042 North Forest Rd Williamsville, NY 14221. Please add (residents use only, no commercial businesses).

Brush Collection

Annual spring cleanup for unmanageable limbs, branches, and brush.

Annual Collection of Holiday Trees

The Highway Department will assist the Refuse Department in the pickup of holiday trees. Amherst residents may also drop off trees at the Amherst Compost Facility.

Ellicott Creek Overflow Channels

Clearing and growth cutting.


Planting, trimming and removal of trees on town property.