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Traffic Accident Investigation Bureau


The Accident Investigation Bureau is commanded by Captain Patrick M. McKenna. Lt. John Olesko and 11 investigators complete the unit.


The Bureau investigates motor vehicle accidents where serious injury or a fatality was involved and conducts follow-up on hit and run accidents. Enforcement of New York State Vehicle and Traffic Laws in order to facilitate the safe movement of traffic is another major function of the Bureau. We participate in a STOP-DWI contract with Erie County, conduct DWI sobriety checkpoints as well as random safety checks, and engage in commercial vehicle enforcement.
The Traffic Bureau also covers special events that impact traffic flow throughout the year such as the Ride for Roswell, Ride for Missing Children, 4th  of July Celebration, other races or walks and all parades conducted in the Town. We assist the University of Buffalo with traffic control when major sporting events or distinguished speakers come to town and draw a large number of people.     

Statistics for 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015:






2014 5,421 9 876 389
2015 5,698 4 901 279
2016 5,392 2 867 310

Selected Vehicle & Traffic Laws and Information

SEC. 1126-a
Do not drive to the left of double yellow lines unless you are leaving or entering the highway by turning left.

CROSSING DOUBLE YELLOW LINES to bypass cars in order to get to the left hand turn arrow is illegal.

SEC. 1174
Passing a stopped school bus from EITHER DIRECTION when its red lights are flashing is illegal.

SEC. 1172-a
You must STOP completely at a STOP SIGN.

SEC. 1129-a
FOLLOWING TOO CLOSE is the cause of many accidents in town.


You are required to SLOW DOWN AND MOVE OVER when approaching and passing an EMERGENCY VEHICLE that is stopped on the roadside with its EMERGENCY LIGHTS FLASHING. (Move over if there is room and safe to do so). Examples of emergency vehicles are any police vehicle, fire vehicle or ambulance. This law was expanded and also applies to HAZARD VEHICLES such as  utility trucks, tow trucks, highway maintenance trucks, vehicles removing ice and snow from the roadway and rural mail carrier vehicles.

An EMERGENCY VEHICLE has its siren and /or flashing lights on and is approaching you from the front or the rear…what do you do? Pull over to the RIGHT as soon as you can SAFELY do so and stop until the emergency vehicle has passed by. Then safely continue your driving. Be alert for MORE THAN ONE EMERGENCY VEHICLE

Convictions for CELL PHONE violations now adds TWO POINTS  to your driving record.

SEC. 1225-d
Driving while TEXTING violations carry a $150. 00 fine plus a mandatory $85.00 surcharge.

Deer-Vehicle Crashes

Be alert for DEER crossing the roadway.

 457 DEER-VEHICLE accidents in 2010

 313 DEER-VEHICLE accidents in 2011

 373 DEER-VEHICLE accidents in 2012

 357 DEER-VEHICLE accidents in 2013

481 DEER-VEHICLE accidents in 2014

390 DEER VEHICLE accidents in 2015

421 DEER VEHICLE accidents in 2016

Questions about adding/removing signals, stop signs, pavement markings and other traffic control devices can be addressed to Christopher Schregel at 631-7154. He is the Traffic Safety Board Coordinator and works out of the Engineering Department.

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