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Copies of Police Reports

Copies of Reports are available at the Amherst Police Records Department:

Monday thru Friday, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (non-legal holidays).

Via US Mail
Must include a self-addressed stamped return envelope.

Most reports that are less than 8 pages long are free. More than 8 pages are $0.25 per page.


Police Reports
A copy of the actual police report is not available. A summary of the report is available as a copy and is usually one page in length.

Accident Reports
Generally, if you were involved in a accident where the Amherst Police responded, we either assisted you in advice, exchanging information or the officer filled out a "Accident Information Exchange Form" only, or a MV-104A (NY State DMV form) and a "Accident Information Exchange Form". Usually if you have a copy of the "Accident Information Exchange Form", this is all the information you need. Unless at the top of the "Accident Information Exchange Form" the box is checked "Accident Report on File", there is no further information on file at the Police Station. Your insurance company will obtain a copy of the MV-104A through our records department. If you have some circumstance where you need to have a copy of the MV-104A, you can obtain one from crashdocs.org/ny-amherstpd.

Statistical Research / Questions
Please call the Amherst Police Records Department at 716.689.1322.

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