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Wanderer's Alert

What it is?

People who have a family member suffering from the effects of a debilitating condition such as Alzheimer’s Disease know there are times when extra help is needed. This and other mentally incapacitating diseases of the brain often make the afflicted person confused and disoriented. Oftentimes these people wander throughout their neighborhoods and become lost. Unable to even recall their own names, the victim cannot even assist in their return by providing their identity. The Wanderer’s Program of the Amherst Police Department addresses these concerns and provides assistance to their caretakers.

How it works?

A family member (or qualified caretaker or health provider) completes a registration form which contains identifying information pertaining to the client, including a recently-taken photograph. Then when a caretaker notices the party is missing or unaccounted for, the information is retrieved by the dispatcher and quickly given to all the police units.

Wanderer's Emergency Information Form

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