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Confidential Tip Line

The success of our mission has always been dependent on the public’s willingness to become involved. Our officers, despite being highly trained and motivated, still need your assistance. If you have information which you feel may pertain to a crime or other public safety issue, we urge you to report it. You can do this either by directly calling the department’s main phones or by utilizing one of the tip lines listed below. Often a seemingly unimportant or minor piece of information can solve a crime, or save a life.

Tip Lines

All information received from the public will be kept confidential.

Detective Bureau: 716.689.1390
Narcotics Unit: 716.689.1300
Email your confidential tips to the Detective Bureau or the Narcotics Bureau.

Suggestions and Comments

Feel free to send us an email with suggestions for our Department or our website content.

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