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Teen Programs & Opportunities

Amherst Youth Consortium (Ages 12-18)

Amherst Youth Consortium members are high school and college students who have pledged to be nicotine, alcohol and other drug-free and to be visible role models who live healthy lifestyles. Their work includes presenting information, facilitating discussions, and engaging children, youth and adults in activities which promote wellness, asset building and good decision making.

For more information about this program, contact Kathy Mobarak-Miller at 631-7132 x 7523.

Youth Engaged in Service (YES) (Ages 12-20)

The Youth Engaged in Service Volunteer Program provides the opportunity for young people ages 12-20 to contribute and participate in the community. Members will provide service by direct interaction with children, senior citizens, low-income families, persons who are mentally and/or physically challenged, and charitable organizations.

Spending time with members of the community will help young people to experience personal growth and gain an understanding of their community. Through volunteer service, young people will learn new skills, meet a variety of people and share their talents and special skills with those less fortunate.

For more information please contact Antonella Abbott, Director of Volunteers at 716.631.7210 or aabbott@amherst.ny.us.

YouthWork$ (Ages 12-20)

Youth Works is a year-round extra job service which links Amherst residents in need of assistance in, or around their home, with Amherst youth ages 12-20 years who are a part of the program. Residents in need of assistance with jobs such as gardening, light housework, childcare, leaf raking, shoveling snow or other jobs should contact Youth Works to discuss your needs and ways that we may assist you.

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