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Amherst Comprehensive Plan


The Amherst Bicentennial Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Town Board on January 2, 2007 and amended on September 8, 2015. The Plan is intended to guide future growth and redevelopment in the Town. The Plan and the data and information that were used to support its preparation are provided below. Current activities and initiatives related to the Plan are also discussed below.

Imagine Amherst Comprehensive Plan Amendments

As part of the Imagine Amherst Project, the Planning Board previously held hearings on proposed amendments to Comprehensive Plan (Chapters 3 & 10) at their June 22, 2017 and August 17, 2017 meetings. The Project Committee endorsed a few minor adjustments to the Plan Amendment at their August 23, 2017 meeting. Therefore, the Planning Board will be holding another public hearing on August 31, 2017 at 6:30pm in the Town Council Chambers regarding these proposed changes to the Plan Amendment.

At their August 23, 2017 meeting, the Project Committee also endorsed a Draft Zoning Framework which gives guidance on how the future zoning regulations will implement the new Plan language.

At their meeting of September 18, 2017 the Town Board determined that the Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS) prepared  for adoption of the Town Bicentennial Comprehensive Plan Amendments was adequate for public review.  The DGEIS and Plan Amendments are now under review by the Town Board, a public hearing date will be set in the near future. 

Please click on the documents below to view the proposed Plan Amendment (updated with minor adjustments), the Draft Zoning Framework, and the Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement.

Imagine Amherst Draft Comprehensive Plan Amendments (Revised)
Imagine Amherst Draft Zoning Framework
Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement

2014 Amherst Bicentennial Comprehensive Plan Review Report

At its meeting of September 17, 2015 the Amherst Planning Board concluded its review of the 2014 Bicentennial Comprehensive Plan Review Report and approved a resolution with several recommendations for study and development of amendments to the Plan. The 2014 Review Report is available using the link below, with the approved resolution located at the end of the report. The Planning Board and Planning Department are working to address the recommendations in the report and resolution.

2014 Amherst Bicentennial Comprehensive Plan Review Report and Resolution

Amherst Bicentennial Comprehensive Plan (2015)
(Amended September 8, 2015)

The Amherst Town Board held a Public Hearing and approved a resolution on September 8, 2015 amending the Comprehensive Plan. The amendments include changes to the Plan’s text and several maps; these are reflected in a newly amended Town of Amherst Bicentennial Comprehensive Plan which can be accessed using the links below.

Entire Document (60 MB)

Cover and Title
Table of Contents
Plan Summary
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Plan Concept
Chapter 3: Land Use and Development
Chapter 4: Natural and Cultural Resources
Chapter 5: Economic Development
Chapter 6: Transportation
Chapter 7: Infrastructure
Chapter 8: Housing and Neighborhoods
Chapter 9: Community Facilities and Services
Chapter 10: Focal Planning Areas
Chapter 11: Implementation
Appendix A: Glossary of Terms
Appendix B: Comprehensive Plan Monitoring Program and Schedule
Appendix C: Comprehensive Plan Summary of Goals and Policies

** PLEASE NOTE – Due to viewer and printer variances, Comprehensive Plan maps may appear different than the originals. Please consult an original, printed copy of the Plan (available in the Planning Department and Town libraries) or contact the Planning Department, if there is any question in interpreting the maps.

Amherst Bicentennial Comprehensive Plan Inventory and Analysis Report (2001)

The Comprehensive Plan was prepared through a process comprised of extensive public participation and consideration of qualitative and quantitative data. The data and supporting analyses form the statistical background for development of Plan. This information was compiled in 2001 and is reported in the Inventory and Analysis Report.


For questions or more information on the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, please contact the Planning Department at 716.631.7051 or at compplan@amherst.ny.us.



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