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Zoning Ordinance


The Town of Amherst Zoning Ordinance is Chapter 203 of the Town's online Town Code accessed via the General Code Publisher's website.

Proposed Amendments to Chapter 203 of the Town Code (Zoning Ordinance)

Amherst’s existing Zoning Ordinance is a factor in constraining redevelopment activity in the
mixed-use and higher density forms proposed in the Bicentennial Comprehensive Plan. To
address this issue, in December 2009 the Town Board adopted Resolution 2009-1096, which
directed the Planning Department to develop amendments to the Zoning Ordinance that permit
and encourage more intensive, higher density mixed land uses at various scales to accommodate
new forms of development that complement surrounding neighborhoods.

ZTA-4-10 Master Planned Development Use Regulations

- Background Information
- Amherst Creates Regional/Community Scale Zoning Codes (March 2010)
- Draft Amendments
- Review Process

Recreation Conservation Zoning District

Review the definition of the Recreation Conservation Zoning District in the Town of Amherst.


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