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Assessment Challenge and Review Instructions


In anticipation of the upcoming Town of Amherst Assessment Equity Project, a new website has been developed. This new website was developed with the cooperation of the Town of Amherst Office of the Assessor and Systems Development Group (SDG).
The new website provides the following information and functionality:

  • A new comparable properties tool to assist with the Informal Assessment Challenge Process
  • General information, illustrated tax rates, and a workshop outline
  • Property Sales and Assessments information
  • Formal Board of Assessment Review applications
  • Informal Assessment Review applications (the time period for informal reviews has passed)

The new website can be found here: http://townofamherst.sdgnys.com/search.aspx

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Important items to consider before proceeding



* The assessment roll is available on the Internet in order to:

  • verify property information
  • review inventory data on an individual property
  • review current sales information
  • analyze sales information about similar properties

* When comparing property sales, it is important to remember that location, style, age and square footage are important. For example, if you purchased your home for $200,000 on a particular street or neighborhood do not look for homes that sell for $150,000 in other neighborhoods. Also, do not compare a five-year old home with a fifty-year old home.

* Nominal differences in square footage don't always mean a difference in
overall property assessment.

* Interior and exterior condition of your property can be important factors when
determining market value.

* Make additional copies of all information that you provide with the
application. The information contained with the application becomes
property of the Board of Assessment Review and will not be returned.

* The comparable property sales that you should include with your application should be similar in building style, square footage, amenities. Our online assessment challenge system attempts to guide through this process - including a neighborhood assignment. Comparable property sales can be accessed through SDG's assessment wbesite at http://townofamherst.sdgnys.com/search.aspx.

* If you are having difficulties finding comparable property sales information on our website, please contact the GAR Associates Help Line at 1-866-910-1776.

Formal Board of Assessment Review


If you are still not satisfied with your assessment after your Informal Review, or did not go through an Informal review, the next step to challenging your assessment is a Formal Board of Assessment Review.

Formal Board of Assessment Review information will be available after May 1, 2017.

The Formal Board of Assessment Review meets on May 23, 2017 from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM (breaks for lunch and dinner). Appointments are recommended.

There is a required form (RP-524) for Formal Board of Assessment Review.

Assessment Links



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Challenging Your Assessment


Contesting Your Assessment in New York State

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