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Building Commissioner

The office of Building Commissioner was originally established in 1951. Town Board minutes of February 19, 1951 read: “Resolved, that Chapter 3 of the Building Ordinance of the Town of Amherst, Erie County, New York entitled “Building Code”, Section 1 entitled “Administration” and any and all other sections of said Ordinance wherein reference is made to the “Building Inspector” or “Inspector of Buildings”, is hereby altered, amended, and changed so that henceforth the duties, powers and authority as therein conferred upon the Building Inspector shall hereafter be exercised by the Building Commissioner as appointed under the Zoning Ordinance of the Town of Amherst.”

The listing below represents Town of Amherst Building Commissioners dating from 1951 to present. The listings were provided by the Amherst Town Clerk's Office. Any errors or ommissions should be reported to David J. Willer in the Office of Information Technology.

Start End Name
2015 2018 Brian P. Andrzejewski
1983 2015 Thomas C. Ketchum
1964 1983 Joseph D. Gidzinski
1951 1964 Elmer C. Love




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