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Town Engineer

In the nineteenth century the town Highway Commissioners were charged with the maintenance of all town roads, drainage ditches, bridges and sluices. Town Board meeting minutes dating from the latter part of the century indicate that a civil engineer was often hired to oversee planning and construction for major projects involving the installation of new municipal facilities, particularly bridges. By the 1920s the use of consulting engineers was becoming more frequent, coinciding with the accelerated growth of the town and the need for extended town services such as roads and sidewalks, sewer and water lines, and storm water drainage. The engineer’s work usually included drawing up specifications and standards, overseeing construction, making inspections, preparing maps, and generally representing town interests on any communications with country and state officials. Two particularly extensive projects of the 1920s which involved the services of consulting engineers were the establishment of sanitary sewer district #1 and the construction of Crosstown Boulevard (Sheridan Drive).

By 1928 a small municipal Engineering Department had been created and was headed by a “Town Engineer” who served on a part-time basis. The department was given responsibility for the establishment and maintenance of all special improvement districts and was charged with overseeing the work of the building and plumbing inspectors who issued permits and made inspections relative to the enforcement of local ordinances and codes. In 1930 the annual budget of the Engineering Department was set at $16,000, “the said sum to cover the engineer’s services, expense of all help, equipment, materials and sundries necessary to keep the assessors’ maps up to date, make all special assessment rolls, prepare a set of record plans for all special districts, and do all the field work, drafting and plan making and any other thing necessary to accomplish the work required by the town during the year.” (Town Board Minutes, January 30, 1930.)

In 1932 a full-time Town Engineer was appointed and the department’s structure was further formalized. This corresponded with the passage of the revised Town Law of 1932 which made Amherst a town of the first class and also contained a specific authorization for the creation of the office of Town Engineer (section 20(2)). In 1935 the Engineering Department’s responsibilities were extended again as it was charged with the enforcement of the town’s zoning ordinance.

The listing below represents Town of Amherst Engineer dating from 1819 to present. The listings were provided by the Amherst Town Clerk's Office. Any errors or ommissions should be reported to David J. Willer in the Office of Information Technology.

Start End Name
2016 2018 Jeffrey S. Burroughs
2015 2016 Brian P. Andrzejewski
2010 2015 Tom Ketchum
2009 2009 Laurence Heininger
2006 2008 Jeffrey Burroughs
1991 2005 Paul M. Bowers
1969 1991 Roland Doan, Jr.
1965 1969 Albert J. Kamm
1964 1965 Robert T. Bronkie
1957 1964 Ronald R. McLernon
1932 1956 Clesson H. Field
1930 1931 William F. Sheehan
1928 1929 George Diehl





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