On June 12, 2020, Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an Executive Order called the “New York State Police Reform And Reinvention Collaborative.”


The mission of “We Are Amherst” is to proactively review, evaluate, modify, and modernize the Town of Amherst’s current policing policies, procedures, and practices to better address the needs of its citizens and stakeholders, and to improve and promote public safety, community engagement and trust.


The Town of Amherst and its police department will work with the community to create and recommend a plan which better addresses the needs of the citizens and stakeholders of the Town of Amherst. Implementation of this plan is to promote fair and just policing, enhance community relations and engagement, and to foster trust and mutual cooperation.


  • Perform a comprehensive review and evaluation of current police policies, procedures, and practices.
  • Develop a plan to improve such policies, procedures, and practices.


  • Town of Amherst Town Board/local officials
  • Police leadership
  • Facilitators from within the community
  • A diverse cross section of members from the community (via community outreach)
  • Town of Amherst stakeholders: (including, but not limited to the following community groups)

    • Religious and Faith based
    • Cultural based
    • Education/Academic (including local colleges & universities)
    • Disabled and Impaired
    • Youth & Social Services
    • Social Services/Mental Health
    • Business owners


Please contact with any questions.