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Sewer Maintenance Division

The overall responsibility of the Sewer Maintenance Division is the management, operation and maintenance of the Town’s sanitary sewer collection system, which generally includes inspecting, cleaning, repairing and monitoring the gravity sewer lines and forcemains. Unlike the City of Buffalo’s combined sanitary/storm sewer system, the Town of Amherst has separate sanitary and storm sewer systems.

The Highway Department operates and maintains the storm sewer system, which consists mainly of road drainage receivers, pipes and ditches.

The Engineering Department’s Water Pollution Control Division is in charge of the Town’s Wastewater Treatment Facility #16 and also operates and maintains the pump stations in the sewer collection system.

There are two sanitary sewer districts in the Town of Amherst, Sewer District #1 and Sewer District #16. In general, Sewer District #1 includes Eggertsville and Snyder and consists of the area southwest of the old Lehigh Valley Railroad (not including lands north of Maple Road) and the area west of North Union Road, south of Sheridan Drive. Sewer District #1 services most of the older residential areas of the Town, which were tributary to the old Plant #1 Wastewater Facility before the construction of the present Plant #16 on Tonawanda Creek Road. Sewer District #16 consists of the remainder of the Town. The Village of Williamsville and the State University of New York at Buffalo - Amherst Campus sewer collection systems are not owned, operated or maintained by the Town, therefore they are not part of Sewer District #16. Click here to view a map of the Town of Amherst Sewer Districts.

Sewer District #16 also conveys wastewater from the Village of Williamsville, State University of New York at Buffalo - Amherst Campus, Erie County Sewer District #5 and the Town of Clarence Sewer District #2. Sanitary sewerage from these tributary areas is metered, conveyed and treated by the Town at Plant #16

Sanitary sewerage is conveyed to the northwest corner of the Town where wastewater is treated at Plant #16 along Tonawanda Creek Road. Plant #16 treats an average of 24.5 million gallons per day (24.5 mgd) of sewerage.

In general, Sewer Maintenance operations include cleaning, televising, repairing, replacing and monitoring the sanitary sewer system. Currently, the Town’s sanitary sewer collection system inventory consists of 2,743,500 lineal feet (519.6 miles) of pipe ranging from 8 inches to 84 inches in diameter and includes 12,548 sanitary manholes.

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The Town of Amherst was established in 1818 and celebrated its 200th Anniversary in 2018. The town has a geographical area of 53.6 square miles and a population of greater than 122,000.

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