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Historic Preservation Commission

Mission Statement

The powers of the Commission shall include:

(1) To recommend designation of historic landmarks, sites and districts to the Town Board for its consideration.

(2) To advise and recommend to the Town Board on matters of employment of staff and professional consultants as necessary to carry out the duties of the Commission.

(3) To promulgate rules and regulations as necessary for the conduct of its business. 

(4) To adopt criteria for the identification of significant historic architectural and cultural landmarks and or for the delineation of historic districts.

(5) To conduct surveys of significant historic, architectural and cultural landmarks within the town. 

(6) To make recommendations to the Town Board on the acceptance or donation of facade easements and development rights, the acquisition of facade easements and development rights or other interests in real property as necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter. 

(7) To increase public awareness of the value of historic, cultural and architectural preservation by developing and participating in education programs. 

(8) To make recommendations to the Town Board concerning the utilization of state, federal or private funds to promote the preservation of landmarks and historic districts within the town. 

(9) To recommend acquisition of a landmark or structure by the town where its preservation is essential to the purposes of this chapter and where private preservation is not feasible. 

(10) To approve or disapprove applications for certificates of appropriateness, subject to review by the Building Commissioner pursuant to this chapter.

Supplemental Information

Disclosure Information


Deborah Bruch Bucki RN, PhD, Councilmember


Susan  Palmer (C)  term expires  12/31/2023

Catherine A. Waterman-Kulpa (V)  term expires  12/31/2023

Joseph Buscaglia (M)  term expires  12/31/2021

Norman J. Hirschey (M)  term expires  12/31/2021

Mary Lou Mancuso (M)  term expires  12/31/2022

Paul Redding (M)  term expires  12/31/2022

Brian Swartz (M)  term expires  12/31/2024

Gail  Adema (O)

Robert C. Beiswanger (O)  term expires  12/31/2023

Ann Demopoulos (O)

Jay T. Kajdas (O)  term expires  12/31/2023

Thomas Klementowski (O)  term expires  12/31/2023

Ellen Kost (O)

Robert Marcus (O)

Roberta Rappoccio (O)

Carrie Stiver (O)

Jitendra Vaidya (O)  term expires  12/31/2023

Kevin J. Zynda (O)  term expires  12/31/2023


(C) Chairperson
(CC) Co-Chairperson
(M) Member
(O) Resource Person
(S) Secretary
(V) Vice Chairperson

Meeting Location

Amherst Municipal Building
5583 Main St, Williamsville, NY 14221

To verify, please call (716) 631-7013.

Meeting Dates

Tue., January  12, 2021,  07:00 PM

Tue., February  9, 2021,  07:00 PM

Tue., March  9, 2021,  07:00 PM

Tue., April  13, 2021,  07:00 PM

Tue., May  11, 2021,  07:00 PM

Tue., June  8, 2021,  07:00 PM

Tue., August  10, 2021,  07:00 PM

Tue., September  14, 2021,  07:00 PM

Tue., October  12, 2021,  07:00 PM

Tue., November  9, 2021,  07:00 PM

Tue., December  14, 2021,  07:00 PM

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