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Rental Unit Registration

In the summer of 2019, Chapter 44 of Amherst Town Code - Rental Registry was adopted and tasked the Town of Amherst Building Department with enforcing the new Rental Unit Registration requirements. An essential purpose of this law is to create a point of contact for rental properties creating a transparent relationship between the property owner and the Building Department ensuring that rental units are safe and that the surrounding neighborhood is minimally impacted by transient living and absentee owners. For more information on the rules and regulations, please follow the link below.

Rental Unit Registration Chapter 44

The Town of Amherst recommends using our Online Permit Application portal (Amherst Permits, Inspections & Inquiries). In person applications may require an appointment and result in delays in the application process.

  • Long term Rental Unit Registration (per unit) - $75.00
  • Non owner occupied Short term Rental Unit Registration (per unit) - $500
  • Owner occupied Short term Rental Unit Registration (per unit) - $250
  1. Completed Rental Unit Application Form
    The owner or agent must complete an Amherst Building Department Rental Unit Registration Application. This online form allows the Homeowner to electronically complete this application and download the completed form (in PDF format). A printable application is also available.

  2. Submission process
    Once you have completed the rental unit application, you are ready to proceed to the Town of Amherst Online Permit Submission Portal. This portal requires a registered user account. You may also choose to apply by mail or in person (please see instructions below).

    To apply online:
    • If you have not registered, please proceed to the online portal user registration page. The registration process and email confirmation can be accomplished in a few minutes. Once you have received your user account confirmation via email, you may proceed to the online portal login page.
    • If you have already registered, please proceed to the online portal login page.
    • When you reached the application page, you must attach the completed application in the attachments section.
    To apply by mail or in person:
    • If you choose to apply by mail or in person, you must include a completed application form AND a check made out to the Town of Amherst with the accurate fee amount. As noted above, in person applications may require an appointment and result in delays in the application process.
  1. Paying for the Inspection:
    • Once you have submitted, your application will be reviewed for accurate information. Once the review is complete, you will be notified with an automated email stating that your application is “Pending Payment” and you can pay the balance by logging back into your Town of Amherst Online Permit Submission Portal and selecting the application in Application History.

  2. Scheduling the Inspection:
    • Once you have paid for your inspection, you will get an automated email informing you of the status change to “Pending Inspection” which prompts you to schedule an inspection with 1 of 3 different inspectors in an online request form.

    • You must schedule an inspection with the inspector you have been assigned. This is provided to you in the automated email prompting you to schedule an inspection.

    • For your reference, here is a map of the inspection territories and the links to their respective inspection request pages: Interactive Inspection Territories Map

    • Submitting an inspection request does not guarantee that you will be given that time slot. You will be given a confirmation email to confirm the time OR you will be contacted directly to reschedule.
  • House and/or Unit Number
  • Exterior Structure in Good Repair
  • Entrances in Good Repair
  • Proper use of garbage receptacles
  • Working Smoke and CO Detectors (1 SD in each bedroom & 1 in each hallway)
  • Interior Structure in Good Repair
  • Electrical in Good Repair
  • Working Appliances
  • Plumbing in Good Repair
  • Heating Unit in Good Repair
  • Proper Light and Ventilation
  • Proper Room Sizes
  • Peeling Paint

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