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General Questions

Q. Where is the Amherst Police Department and Amherst Town Court located?

  • A. The Amherst Police Department is located at 500 John James Audubon Pkwy, and the Amherst Town Court is located at 400 John James Audubon Pkwy. (between North Forest Rd. and Dodge Rd.). This is the same road that runs though the North Campus of the University of Buffalo. The station is minutes from the North Campus.

Q. I can't make my scheduled court date, now what?

  • A. Court dates are set by the Amherst Town Court. If you were scheduled in court and cannot make it, contact the court at 716.689.4200.

Q. How do I answer a traffic ticket issued either by a Amherst Police Officer or a New York State Trooper?

  • A. Any Misdemeanor Offense MUST report to court on the date stated on the ticket.
    Any Violation Offense - a plea must be entered on the back of the ticket and returned to the court by mail or in person by the date stated on the ticket.
    • Part A - Guilty plea will result in a fine and points on your license when applicable.
    • Part B - Not Guilty plea will result in a assigned court date.
    • Your correct telephone number, complete mailing address, and zip code is required.
    • Inspection Violations - vehicle must be inspected within 48 hours to have the court fine waived. Submit proof of inspection with your ticket and fill out Part A by date on the front of the ticket and return them to the court.
    • Equipment Violation - the court will consider dismissal of tickets written for New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law sections 375, 376, or 381 if proof is presented to the court that the defect was corrected prior to 1/2 hour after sunset on the first full business day after issuance of the ticket.

Amherst Town Court
Phone: (716) 689-4200
400 John James Audubon Pkwy, Amherst, NY 14228
Monday thru Friday - 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Village of Williamsville Court
Phone: (716) 632-0450
5565 Main Street, Williamsville, NY 14221
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Q. Where can I pickup a copy of a motor vehicle accident report (MV-104A)?

  • A. Generally, if you were involved in a accident where the Amherst Police responded, we either assisted you in advice, exchanging information or the officer filled out a "Accident Information Exchange Form" only, or a MV-104A (NY State DMV form) and a "Accident Information Exchange Form". Usually if you have a copy of the "Accident Information Exchange Form", this is all the information you need. Unless at the top of the "Accident Information Exchange Form" the box is checked "Accident Report on File", there is no further information on file at the Police Station. Your insurance company will obtain a copy of the MV-104A through our records department. If you have some circumstance where you need to have a copy of the MV-104A, you can obtain one from

Q. How can I obtain a Handicap parking permit?

  • A. You must be a resident of the Town of Amherst. You may pickup a Handicap parking permit application at the Amherst Town Clerk's Office. The application is filled out by you and your doctor. A drivers license or picture ID is required. If it is a renewal application, the old permit must be turned in.

Vehicle and Traffic Law

Q. Can I have tinted windows on my car or truck?

  • A. According to the NY State Vehicle and Traffic Law under section 375-12, if you have a 1992 or later model year passenger car or station wagon, the side windows adjacent to AND behind the operators seat must have a light transmittance of SEVENTY PERCENT or greater. If you own a vehicle classified by the EPA as a truck or light truck ONLY the area BEHIND the operators seat may be tinted with a tint less than seventy percent. These types of vehicles include but are not limited to: SUVs, Mini Vans, Full size vans and Pick up trucks. All types of vehicles 1992 or later, the windows adjacent to the operators seat must have a light transmittance of seventy percent or greater. If your vehicle is older than a 1992 it must conform to a older V&T section which was a light transmittance of greater than thirty five percent. This section was first written in the 1985 era.
    What is light transmittance? If clear glass has a light transmittance of 100 percent, than any type of tint or film that is placed on the glass to impede the outside light from transmitting through the glass to the inside would lessen the light transmittance. If half of the light from the outside is blocked by the tint then the light transmittance would be fifty percent.
    • Rear Windows: The rear most window can be tinted to any percentage IF the vehicle is equipped with  side rear view mirrors on both sides.
    • Exemptions: There is a exemption for medical reasons. More information can be obtained at any DMV office. How do the officers measure the tint? Some patrols carry a tint meter that accurately measures the light transmittance.
  • For more info check the Laws of New York State website.

Q. Can I cover my license plates with a plastic cover to protect them?

  • A. According to the NY State Vehicle and Traffic Law under section 402-1, number (license) plates "shall not be covered by glass or any plastic material".
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h4>Town Ordinances

Q. Can I have a motor vehicle parked at my residence that has no license plates displayed on it?

  • A. Code of the Town of Amherst, NY
  • § 184-4. Abandoning vehicle prohibited; penalties for offenses.
    • A. It shall be unlawful for any person to cause any vehicle to be abandoned on any highway or any other public place.
    • B. It shall be unlawful for any person to cause any vehicle to be abandoned on any private property of which he is not the owner. 
    • C. It shall be unlawful for any owner of private property to cause or allow any vehicle to be abandoned or stored or kept without valid, numbered registration plates affixed thereto on his private property. The provisions of the foregoing sentence shall not apply to:
      • (1) Vehicles on private property licensed as junkyards.
      • (2) Vehicles kept or stored within a completely enclosed building.
      • (3) Vehicles kept or stored for sale without dismantling on private property occupied pursuant to the Amherst Zoning Ordinance for the sale of new or used vehicles.
      • (4) A motor home or other vehicle designed and used primarily for recreation purposes. This exception shall not apply to more than one (1) such vehicle per parcel of property.
    • D.A violation of this § 184-4 shall be punishable by a fine not exceeding ($100).

Q. What is the law regarding snow removal on sidewalks?

  • A. Notice to all property owners and/or occupants of premises that abut a public sidewalk:
    In accordance with Section 83-9-5 of the Building Construction Administration Code of the Town of Amherst, the owner or occupant of any premises fronting or abutting on any street or highway shall repair, keep safe and maintain any sidewalk abutting the premises and keep it free and clear from snow, ice, dirt or other obstruction. Any such owner or occupant shall be liable for any injury or damage by reason of omission or failure to repair, keep safe and maintain such sidewalk or to remove snow, ice or other obstructions there from or negligence in performing those functions. Furthermore, no person shall plow, shovel, sweep or pile snow, ice or other materials in or beyond the right-of-way of any street or public highway or cause such to be done so as to interfere with the safety and convenience of public travel. Note: Failure to comply with this local law may result in a fine of up to $250 or fifteen days in jail, or both, for each separate violation.
  • For the full text of this ordinance go to Section 83-9-5 of the Building Construction Administration Code of the Town of Amherst. The complete Town of Amherst Code can be found at

Q. When does the winter parking ban go into effect?

  • A. The standing or parking of vehicles is hereby prohibited on all streets and highways within the Town of Amherst between the hours of 1:00 AM to 7:00 AM, beginning November 1 of each year and ending April 1 of the succeeding year.

Q. What is the Town Prosecutor?

  • A. A member of the Town Attorney's Office who prosecutes traffic violations and non-criminal offenses.

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