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Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies (1899) by Claude Monet

Decorative Treatment for Traffic Signal Cabinets Initiative

2024 Painted Traffic Boxes Contest

Project Overview

The Town of Amherst Arts and Culture in Public Places Board began a public art project beginning in the summer of 2019 to add color to intersections around our town. The Amherst Town Board approved support of this exciting initiative. The artwork and subsequent painting comply with regulations from the NYSDOT. It is anticipated that this project will be a multi-year initiative.

traffic box painting artist recruitment

Artists are making Amherst more beautiful one traffic box at a time - WKBW - July 18,2023

Promoting art and bringing beauty to the Town of Amherst - Amherst Bee Article from February 01, 2023

Artists transform signal cabinets into vibrant artwork - Amherst Bee Article from September 03, 2019

Location and Artists:

Main Street:
  • Main and Evan St/Garrison Rd - Artist: Courtney Haeick (2022)
  • Main and Harlem Rd - Artist: Abigail Penfold (2022)
  • Main and Kensington Ave - Artist: Krystina Kagan (2022)
  • Main and Los Robles - Artist: Jennifer Smyczynski (2022)
  • Main and N. Union - Artist: Kimberly Gryckiewicz (2022)
  • Main St and Young Rd - Artist Jessica Tomaino (2022)
  • Main St HAWK Signal Box - Artist Jessica Tomaino (2023)
  • Main and Eggert - Artists Patty Angrisano Ossa and Cindy Angrisano (2023)

Sheridan Drive (State of New York Road):
  • Sheridan/Evans - Artist: Dan Meyer (2019)
  • Sheridan/Mill - Artists: Annette Trabucco & Kim Yoerg (2019)
  • Sheridan/N. Forest - Artists: Patty Ossa & Cindy Rossi Angrisano (2019)
  • Sheridan/N. Forest - Artists Patty Angrisano Ossa and Cindy Angrisano (2023)

Maple Road (Town of Amherst Road):
  • Maple/Maplemere- Artist: Tom Asklar (2019)
  • Maple/N. Forest - Artist: Bob Gregg (2019)
  • Maple at Maple West Elementary School - Artists: Megan Doherty & Lisa Cabra (2019)
  • Maple at Maple West Elementary School - Artist: Courtney Zach (2023)
  • Maple at MacArthur near schools and Kaleida - Artist: Erica Clough on behalf of Amherst Symphony (2020)

Hopkins Road:
  • Hopkins/Dodge - Artist: Teri Ritz (2020)
  • Hopkins/West Klein - Artist: Lisa Timko (Cabra) (2020)
  • Hopkins/N. French - Artist: Alex Dillemuth (2023)

Youngs Road:
  • Young/Klein (Basset Park) - Artists: Patty Ossa & Cindy Angrisano (2020)
  • Youngs/Wehrle - Artist: Gina Heron (2020)

John James Audubon Parkway:
  • John James Audubon/Gordon R. Yaeger - Artist: Kimberly Gryckiewicz (2023)

N. French Road:
  • N. French Road & Dodge - Artist: Teri Ritz (2023)

N. Forest Road:
  • N. Forest Road & Heim - Artist: Ali Lazik (2023)

About Amherst

The Town of Amherst was established in 1818 and celebrated its 200th Anniversary in 2018. The town has a geographical area of 53.6 square miles and a population of greater than 122,000.

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