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Hopkins and West Klein

  • Artist: Lisa Timko (Cabra)

    • Biography:
      Lisa Timko has loved to draw and paint since she was little. She knew that she had some skills when her first grade classmates would ask her to draw them pictures. She paints and draws just for fun. Her primary focus is as an elementary teacher for the Williamsville Schools. She has two almost grown-up children and lives in Williamsville.

    • Inspiration:
      My parent's families were both from Eastern Europe. I remember my grandmother's intricate designs on Easter eggs and holiday ornaments. Growing up in North Buffalo, connections to wildlife were few and far between. Living in Amherst, it has been a joy to watch the birds and deer and rodents and insects in my flower-filled backyard. I wanted to bring that natural serenity to the areas of the Traffic Box with the black background.

      On the side of the Traffic Box facing the western part of Klein, I created a little village. I wanted it to be like a story-book scene. I tried to represent many people; I hoped that any child who looked at it, could see themselves represented in one of the figures. (While I was painting, the littlest visitors walking by seemed to gravitate to that side with the little house. It made me most happy.)

Hopkins and Dodge

  • Teri Ritz

    • Biography

    • Inspiration:
      "The artwork I chose for the signal box is actually based on an oil painting I recently completed. It is a painting of one of my seven (yes, seven) cats and although they are many in number, they have never been a subject of my oil paintings. I had taken a photograph of this cat, Pip, and liked the attitude he seems to portray, rather self-important and aloof. He is actually quite friendly and personable when he wants to be but if truth be told, can also be somewhat of a jerk. I think this reflects in his bearing.

      In my original painting, he can be seen sitting in a marble wall niche, a vase of flowers having been knocked over to make room for himself. In the interest of using the whole signal box and introducing more color, I decided to place him in a cardboard box in true cat fashion."

Basset Park - Youngs and Klein

  • Artists: Patty Ossa & Cindy Angrisano

    • Inspiration:
      Dance of Diversity - Embracing diversity and beauty in all humans inspired our design. Colorful women dancing together with flowing skirts and vibrant colors remind us of the power of music and dance. The scarf unites all the dancers and reflects the beauty of our multicultural society.

MacArthur and Maple Rd. (near schools and Kaleida)

  • Artist: Erica Clough on behalf of Amherst Symphony

    • Biography:
      Erica Clough, an Award Winning Graphic Designer & Owner of D and E Advertising, holds a Bachelor's degree from Buffalo State College. For over 18 years, Erica has provided innovative designs, promotional products, and quality printing for her customers. Among many local businesses, she has worked with the Amherst Symphony Orchestra for several years, designing their concert programs, posters and signs. A huge supporter of the Arts, Erica values the Amherst Symphony Orchestra and appreciates the music and joy they bring to our community.

    • Inspiration:
      My design is a colorful representation of how the Amherst Symphony Orchestra's music brings unity to the community. Amherst Symphony Orchestra (ASO) is the oldest volunteer symphony in the country and the artwork is publicizing their 75th anniversary year! I wanted to capture and create a bright, vibrant piece of art that communicates the emotion and beauty music and art brings to our lives.

    • Websites:

Youngs and Wehrle

  • Artist: Gina Herron

    • Biography

    • Inspiration:
      The inspiration for my submission is based upon the current state of affairs in this country. Light verse dark, calm verses chaos. The monochromatic images are continuous around the entire piece to demonstrate flow and movement with no beginning and end points. The butterflies and flowers represent re-birth, hope and optimism. The colorful images against the chaotic background represent the juxtaposition of life and beauty in everything around us.

    • Website:

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