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Yard Waste Regulations

Our annual yard waste program was established to reduce the amount of material going into the waste stream, using up valuable landfill space and costing you additional tax dollars for disposal. If you follow the guidelines below you should have no problem with the disposal of your yard waste materials.

Yard Waste: grass clippings, weeds, branches, shrub trimmings (NO DIRT).

  • Yard waste must be placed within five feet of the curb, not in the street.
  • It must not contain garbage, trash or lumber.
  • Must be placed in containers with two manufactured handles, such as garbage cans with the covers removed or in PAPER yard waste bags.
  • Containers must not exceed 60 pounds in weight or 40 gallon capacity.
  • Branches must be cut to a maximum length of four feet and bundled with biodegradable string or twine if not in containers.
  • Logs greater than 6 inches in diameter cannot be accepted.
  • Soil, sod, stumps or root balls cannot be accepted curbside.
  • Yard waste is not be placed on town islands. THIS IS CONSIDERED DUMPING!
  • Loose bulk leaf pick up (without branches) in the right of way, not the street, is done by the Highway Department in the fall between October 15 and December 1st.
  • Town garbage tote is not to be used for any yard waste material of any kind.

In addition to the weekly collection, residents may bring any yard waste material to the CJ Krantz Compost Facility located at 560 Smith Road. Call 716-689-1280 for hours.

Starting April 1 residents can put out yard compost materials on their regular collection day. The material must be properly bundled and or packaged for pickup.

Leaves, small trimmings and other yard waste should be put in containers, paper yard waste bags or bundled for collection (NO YARDWASTE IN PLASTIC BAGS) on a weekly basis and will be collected by Modern Disposal.

In addition, the Amherst Highway Department’s brush pickup crews will be out picking up large brush piles by appointment; please call 631-7117 to schedule your address for service. Please have brush, logs and stumps out for pickup before you call. Any material placed out MUST be free of any dirt or soil.

The Town Highway will only collect large unmanageable piles of logs, brush (cut to less than 8 feet in length), and tree stumps. No mixed piles containing lumber, concrete, railroad ties or non-organic materials will be collected.

Alternate Methods

  • Residents are encouraged to try proper backyard composting (See The Town of Amherst Town Code 169-32 for official guidelines).
  • Grass clippings should be left on the lawn to return beneficial nutrients to the soil and help the lawn resist drought.
  • In addition to the weekly collection, residents may bring any yard waste material to any compost facility.

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