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The Town of Amherst Residents Recycle CLEAN!

CClean and rinse out all plastic containers! It is suggested that we recycle 1’s and 2’s only at this time. It’s vital that we all try to help with contamination levels which keeps our material viable for renewal and that helps us help the environment!

LLook for glass recycling alternatives! Colored glass is no longer recommended for curbside pick-up since it’s virtually impossible to recycle using current methods. We ask that you take colored glass to various private recycling centers (WNYBICS) who may accept it.

EEmpty cardboard boxes of all plastic wrap, film, and Styrofoam! before breaking them down. Extra cardboard can be placed next to your tote.

AAnything you’re not sure if it belongs in recycling? If it’s not on the list, it doesn’t go in your recycling tote. Call us at 631-7119 and we will assist you.

NNo plastic bags or plastic film from packaging of any kind!!! Plastic bags can go to various retailers across WNY for recycling, please don’t place them in your tote and PLEASE; don’t use them to package other recyclable materials, they increase our costs to recycle and can ruin the recycling center’s machinery

So, what can you do?

Since 2021, residents have recycled materials valued at more than $600,000, helping the Town control solid waste costs; keep up the great work!

  1. Keep Recycling- recycling conserves natural resources, gives items new life, and supports jobs in the community. Now is not the time to give up! Residents like you have worked too hard and are too successful at recycling to stop. We must remain committed to the environmental benefits enabled by waste reduction and recycling. It’s time to reenergize, not quit!

    It’s more important than ever to recycle “CLEAN”. The cleaner our recycling stream is, the more valuable it is! So now is the time to revisit the recycling rules at . Make sure you’re putting the right things in such as plastic bottles and jugs, and keeping the wrong things out, such as plastic bags and “crackable” plastic berry cartons.

  2. Relish your success! Each year, the Town of Amherst recycles close to half the waste our citizens generate. Last year our diversion rate was 47% (curbside recycling, yard waste, E-waste, and metal goods), that’s almost 15% higher than the national average!! More new programs are in the works to get us even higher, but we need your help to keep it up!!
  3. Know the rules- Review the new list of recyclables from the Town and Modern Disposal (things have changed in the last few years); learn what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in our recycling totes.And, when in doubt? Throw it out; put it in your garbage tote and our professionals can make sure it goes to the right place.
  4. YES:

    • Cardboard and paper food boxes (pasta and cereal boxes)
    • Office paper, junk mail
    • Phone books, paper bags, newspapers, magazines and catalogs
    • Plastic Jugs and bottles with small top openings
    • Steel and tin cans
    • Aluminum cans
    • Metal cookware
    • CLEAR bottles and jars (no more colored glass please!)


    • PLASTIC BAGS- Never bag your recyclables in plastic; they need to be loose.
    • “Tanglers” or anything that can wrap around sorting equipment and cause downtime, which increases the cost to process recyclables (includes hoses, wires, cords, ropes, chains, belts, etc.). 
    • Plastics that might crack apart when you step on them including drinking cups and berry containers.
    • Styrofoam of any kind.
    • No more “wishful” recycling. If we don’t have it listed, we cannot recycle it through our methods, please check for a list of places that can recycle materials such as clothing, wood, hoses, tools, etc.
  5. Pass it on- Please share this information with your friends and family (verbally or digitally); working together we can help find better and closer markets for our recycling. Thank you for helping save the planet a little each day!

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